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projects and apps


Using augmented reality, AR Endangered Animals brings some of the world’s most threatened species to you. Learn more about endangered animals and interact with them in your own home.


HoloGnome is an interactive educational game which promotes problem solving and geometric thinking. Players take control of Mr Gnome to take him exploring in the woods to disover secrets and solve fun challenges, using augmented reality.



This software allows the recording and auomatic processing of humans using a single visual camera, to be broadcast in augmented or virtual reality.

AR Card

AR SHIFT’s interactive business card for iOS and Android operating system that uses augmented reality to bring a simple card to life. You can find the marker with the instructions here.

Joint Track


Smart tracking of human movement for avatar control and computer vision.

AR Floors


Try before you buy. This app uses augmented reality to visualize flooring and other interior surfaces in your home, to get a better understanding of how they look or fit.

The Founders

Pavel Abdurakhimov
Pavel Abdurakhimov

“We are creating the visual technology and approach toward the technological singularity”.

Janosch Amstutz
Janosch Amstutz

“Augmented Reality will fundamentally change our interaction with the real world and each other in ways that we cannot even begin to comprehend”.

Denis Islamov
Denis Islamov

“Depth sensing technologies will connect computers and the real world for decades to come”.

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